What is shared hosting

30 May

Shared hosting always helps for beginner, in case of people having a new creative ideas and have less money then the best decision for choosing the web hosting is Shared hosting, which is low in cost and gives high range of response and performance.

Using Shared Hosting is helpful

People with having Creative Idea on using blog and historical news can have shared hosting. Basically the new beginner can get a great response from this hosting.This Shared hosting is low in cost, so that it can be an friendly use for customer. This shared hosting has beneficial factor on sharing then bandwidth, site behavior will vary from other hosting.

For Beginners this shared host can use the tool that was given by hosting provider, say like speed checker, security software, Free SSD and Free SSL that can provide us a guideline for developing a better safty website.

Benefit on using Shared hosting

  1. Price is low when compared with other hosting and even the easy availability
  2. Although it is a shared hosting, so a number of website can be added on the process of using one hosting .
  3. All the process that is been done on back-end can be taken care by host provider say like admin panel and server maintenance.
  4. Can use the additional of MySQL and PHP support.
  5. No Need of spending time on manually updating the software that has been used on the server, there is an auto update that makes to save our time.
  6. Multiple E-mail can be added on one single domain and also there is an option to have m ore than one database.

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In this Shared hosting the Security process is a big impact that which can lead on to hacking our server and also the website.Since it is a shared hosting the process of all resources can be taken off easily.Shared hosting

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